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Welcome to the magical world of Dragonary, where you will get paid for each minute spent playing. In the end, your time is gold! And Dragonary looks forward to rewarding you just for participating in the game.

Dragonary changes "the name of the game": instead of investing long times and maybe money just to be able to advance and improve or finish playing, we offer a new perspective on the player/game relation.

It is a free game, and you can access it easily on a PC, laptop, Mac, or any Android and iOS mobile device.

Our main difference from other games is that the entire economy of the game is defined between players. This means that all the elements that are part of the game's market, such as items and values, are tradable. Therefore, if you aquire an item today, you can exchange it or transfer it tomorrow. If that item was consumed to improve a dragon, that dragon will increase in quality and consequently, in value into the game.

Everything is connected, so every action of exchange or consuming is transformed, not lost, adopting the theory that nothing disappears, but everything is transformed.

Our main goal is that you feel the enthusiasm to progress until you reach the goal (as with any title you look forward to), and without realizing it, you receive a reward for all the time spent to improve and evolve each of your dragons, even if you are not an experienced player in the crypto-currency world.

These rewards received in the form of items will be tokens, which you can use within the game, exchange them in the Market with other players, or exchange them in a crypto-currency market.

Your dragons are the maximum expression of your effort within the game, which you will be able to train, level up, evolve and improve their lineage, to obtain unique, rare, epic, legendary and mythical dragons. These will not only be personal achievements which you will be proud of, but you will also be able to show them in battle against other players in a PVP arena in real time, and so try to become the best of them all.

But… What if some of these dragons no longer interest you? What if you need to change strategies? Dragonary will not disregard all the effort you have put into breeding your dragons, and will allow you to trade them in the Marketplace. Depending on their rarity, purity, details and attack skills, these dragons will have a specific value. Dragons can raise a high value and therefore be appreciated enough to be purchased.

In the end, each dragon is unique: this is evident in their appearance obtained with the game technology.