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Game Items

Game items will be used to improve different aspects of Dragonary's gameplay.

How to get better items?

The items will be distributed through the PVE and PVP battles as rewards depending on the rarities in the team: the higher the rarity, the better the items you'll get in the battles

However, there will be items harder to get that you can create from items of less rarity. Fusion (The same one used to breed dragons) will be used as a mechanism to improve the items.

For example, if you want to obtain a rare ember, you will need to fuse five (5) uncommon embers and pay the corresponding commission in CYT.

Costs to merge items


By item -> 1 CYT = 1 CYT * 5 = 5 CYT to get to Uncommon


By item -> 10 CYT = 10 CYT * 5 = 50 CYT to get to Rare


By item -> 20 CYT = 20 CYT * 5 = 100 CYT to get to Epic


By item -> 40 CYT = 40 CYT * 5 = 200 CYT to get to Legendary


By item -> 100 CYT = 100 CYT * 5 = 500 CYT to get to Mythical